how you can help

As with most volunteer projects we are fully responsible for raising our own finances to get us to and from Samoa. As a team we have already contributed $6600 towards our travel costs.

We are seeking further financial sponsorship to help cover the balance of our expenses. Any donation big or small is welcome and is truly appreciated not only by us at SKB, but the families, children and future generations of Samoa.

Airfares / Travel Costs (including the air freighting of our own tools) $11,000
Van Hire $1522
Accommodation $FREE
SUBTOTAL $15,522

Pictured: The children and families of Satitoa Village Preschool.
Photos: Tuputupu-A ‘E Education Trust.

While building the preschool is our main priority we are also committed to donating any extra or unused funds to the Tuputupu-A ‘E Education Trust to help them provide necessary classroom resources for the Satitoa Village preschool and / or financially assist in the rebuilding of the Saleaumua Village Preschool in Aleipata.
We really believe that together we can make a huge and positive impact in the lives of many of Samoa’s children.

**MAY UPDATE: While we are in Samoa we have also committed to rebuilding the Saleaumua Village Preschool. Doing this will not incur any extra expenses on our part, however we are still committed to donating any extra or unused donations to the Tuputupu-A ‘E Education Trust **