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The Tuputupu-A ‘E Trust is a Samoan registered Charitable Trust, established in 2007. The Trust implements education projects and generates income for sustainable financing of its objectives in rural Samoa.

Pictured: Playground fun. Satitoa Village Preschool.
Photo: Tuputupu-A ‘E Education Trust.

Projects cover preschool infrastructure (playground and school facilities), learning and development materials, and teacher salaries. Trustees contribute their skills and time on a voluntary basis.

The Trust’s Project Objective is to “Partner with preschool communities to re-build, equip and re-open destroyed preschools as soon as practicable so the children are able to resume their early childhood education and gain a sense of normalcy, emotional and social support, and protection from harm.”

We have been working alongside The Trust to ensure that our time and skills can be used to the best advantage for the project we will be working on.

“Going to preschool is a normalising and socially engaging activity important for the children in villages affected by the tsunami. Regaining a sense of life’s' normal pattern helps children to feel secure and enhances wellbeing. "
- Tuputupu-A ‘E Education Trust

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